Prospective Residents

The buying process is open to qualifying Chicago residents.


Income limits are for the Chicago-Naperville-Joliet, IL HUD Metro FMR Area.

Effective until superseded.

Income limits for 30%, 50% and 80% as published by HUD.

Income limits for all other income levels calculated per HUD methodology, based on Very Low Income (50% AMI) limit.

Income limits for 9-person household calculated at 140% of 4-person limits.  Income limits for 10-person household calculated at 148% of 4-person limits.

Buyer Workshops

Homebuyer education and mortgage readiness are two of the first steps in becoming a homeowner in Here to Stay. Each of our fantastic partners offers pre- and post- purchase counseling and homebuyer education classes required for certain down payment assistance programs. Whatever your schedule, you can find a class here! Programs are offered through:

Frequently Asked Questions

1)    What is a community land trust?

A community land trust (CLT) is a form of ownership in which the land of a property is held in a trust owned by a community-led nonprofit organization. The community land trust can be used for parks, commercial, industrial or residential space.

2)  What does it mean to buy a home through the Here to Stay CLT?

Here to Stay CLT is focused on creating opportunities for potential homeowners to buy an affordably priced home in the Logan Square, Hermosa, and Avondale neighborhoods. A home buyer buys the building (home) on the land and leases the land underneath from Here to Stay. Because the buyer is only buying the building, not the land, Here to Stay is able to provide deeply discounted prices on the home.

3)      What are the advantages of buying a home in Here to Stay CLT?

A. Significant cost savings (each property is sold at a price well below the market/appraised price for the property - at least $75,000 less)

B. The home’s property taxes will be assessed at the affordable price - not the current market value. In Logan Square, Hermosa and Avondale, this can mean as much as a 50% savings on the property taxes.

C. Home owners will not be spending their money on rent each month that provides no long term benefit… Instead, their money will be used to pay down their mortgage, thus increasing their equity in the property and they will also potentially benefit from deducting their mortgage interest they pay on their income taxes; also creating a savings there.

4)     If the home is mine, will I be able to do anything I want with it?

There are some differences when you live in a CLT property. These differences are laid out in the ground lease that you sign when you close on the property. The main differences are that you must live in the property, you cannot refinance the property without permission from Here to Stay and if you decide to sell, there are restrictions on who you can sell to. You will be selling the property at a price that will keep it affordable for the next buyer as well.

5)    If I am buying a two-flat, are there any restrictions on the rent I can charge?

Our hope is that with lower housing costs relative to the surrounding area, you will be able to offer the unit at an affordable rent. However, this is not required nor monitored by Here to Stay.

6)    What if I have other questions?

We will be offering a required 90 minute class to provide information on buying with Here to Stay CLT. (Date TBD) For now, feel free to email Kristin at

Here to Stay CLT Mortgage Lenders

Kelly J. Price

Wintrust Mortgage

Cell: (773) 501-6653


Sylvia Lopez (Bilingual English/Spanish)

Old National Bank

7940 S. Harlem

t: 708-701-5595 c:773-440-4511 

Betsy D’Onofrio

Inland Bank and Trust

Cell:  630-518-2532 


NHS of Chicago

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